Lucent Technologies' EC/EDI offers an experienced software development staff that is able to develop and deliver imaging software on a variety of platforms. Currently, customers in the Army, Air Force, and Navy as well as in the commercial arena are supported. A proven process is used which follows SEI and ISO 9002 standards to provide a cost effective solution for you.

Whether your imaging solution requires help in the traditional document imaging market or in the imaging recognition market, developers with experience in the field will be used. Client/server architecture is used based on the Windows NT or UNIX software platforms. Skills in programming languages such as C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and COBOL give you a variety of options. The use of tools in the area of prototyping, debugging, and configuration management will provide you a quality product quicker.

Contact: Willie Howard - EC/EDI Manager
(336) 279-5588 - Voice
(336) 279-3980 - FAX