Conversion Services
Lucent Techonologies' can process engineering data (i.e., image data) using specialized equipment and Personal Computers. Customers can provide image data (to be processed) on aperture cards, paper, magnetic tapes, CD-ROMs, network transfer, etc. Lucent personnel will perform Quality Assurance (QA) checks on the scanned/digitized data, and create CD-ROM, magnetic tape, etc. containing "accepted" image data for direct input into the customer's storage sub-system.

Data Input - Processing Capabilities

Customers have the flexibility of providing engineering data for processing by using any of the following delivery methods/devices:

Engineering data can be delivered in any of the raster formats listed below, with or without hollerith or index files, including GIOS or CDEX. All of which can be delivered on any of the above listed media. We can also convert AutoCAD files to raster. Call us for a quote to scan, QA and convert your image files or email us: with a sample of your images for conversion.

Data Conversion Capabilities

Lucent personnel can convert engineering data from, and to, any of the following formats:

Quality Assurance (QA)

Lucent personnel will perform image quality assurance checks to meet customer requirements for accuracy. Customers may specify 100%, random, or no QA to be performed on their digitized data before conversion.

Output Capabilities

Customers have the option of receiving Lucent processed engineering data on any of the following:

Our Customers

Lucent Technologies personnel has processed (or is currently processing) engineering data for the Air Logistics Centers at Hill Air Force Base, Kelly Air Force Base, Tinker Air Force Base, CACI, Lockheed, Boeing, Defense Supply Center-Richmond (DSCR),etc.

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