MediaPro Server

Lucent Technologies' MediaPro Server is a complete hardware and software turnkey solution that provides the user with the ability to input, read, and accept engineering data from CDs, removable magnetic hard disk drives, or even electronically from the Internet.  All of the commercially-available input devices on the market today will operate with the MediaPro Server.  This powerful server has the ability to convert, clean-up and update received engineering data into any of the commonly used raster data formats(CALS, CCITT GROUP IV, GROUP IV WRAP, or JEDMICS C4) and the index data (Hollerith) is converted to the appropriate format.  Output is determined by the needs of our customers.  Converted data can be output and written to CD, removable magnetic hard disk drives, and/or transmitted electronically over the Internet.

The Lucent Technologies' MediaPro Server (product ordering code MMS-R1) is a completely flexible network-attached utility solution designed for working with, transforming, and distributing any type of digitized raster data regardless of its source of origin. Government agencies and commercial defense contractors now have the tool they need to comply with Federal mandates calling for doing business electronically. If your agency or company sends or receives engineering data and engineering support data, the Lucent Technologies' MediaPro Server will save you time and money.

Operating System

For customers that already have hardware platforms that they want to convert into a MediaPro Server, Lucent Technologies' offers the MediaPro Server Software Kit (product ordering code MM-SK-R1). The identical form, fit, and function is delivered in a software-only solution and platformed on customer-provided equipment.

Operating System

MediaPro Software Suite

The Media Pro Software Suite provides customer’s the capability to manage and manipulate index and image data in the following formats:  Hardcopy Data (.TIF files), Aperture Card Data (.HOL/.TIF pairs) and Electronic Data that is either downloaded from a JEDMICS or contained on CD-ROM or magnetic media.

The following is a list of data input/output formats that are supported by the Media Pro Software Suite:


JMX.HOL index structure and CCITT Group IV TIF or C4 image format.


Index.Dlf index structure and C4 image format.


ImageIdx.Rst index structure and C4 image format.


The Media Pro Software Suite is made up of the following software:  LTPrdMgr, LTScanUtils,  LTQAViewer, JMXEditor, IMGCvt, and MediaPro.

LTPrdMgr– utility that will convert Electronic data into either the JEDMICS QA, CDEX or GIS/GOS format.

LTScanUtils – utility that will create index records for Hardcopy data, convert Hardcopy and Aperture Card data into the JEDMICS QA, CDEX or GIS/GOS format, and provide reports.

LTQAViewer – QA viewer that can be used to make image data modifications.

LTViewer – Viewer that is distributed with standard Lucent Bid Sets.

JMXEditor – index editor that can be used to make index data modifications.

IMGCvt – image conversion engine that converts image data.  Supported formats include TIFF G4, C4, and CALS.

MediaPro – utility used to process the input image and index sets to be uploaded to JEDMICS and/or create output image and index sets to be distributed to customers. 

Both product offerings include on-site installation/integration, testing, documentation, user training, and a 90-day warranty. For telephonic hotline support and to receive upgrades be sure to purchase the Lucent Technologies Software Maintenance and Support Plan. The support plan is listed on the Lucent Technologies GSA schedule GS-35F-0429L.  You can access the schedule at The product code for the support plan is MM-SW-SUS.

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