LTViewer32 Version 1.5.4




Install the new LTViewer32 application by performing the following steps:


1.      Close all applications currently running.

2.      If you are installing the software without downloading the file proceed to Step 8.

3.      Select Start – Run

4.      From the “Run” window, click on Browse

5.      From the “Browse” window, use the drop down located next to the “Files of Type:” option and select ‘All Files’.

6.      From the “Browse” window, use the drop down located next to the “Look in:” option and navigate to the C:\tmp folder. Select the “LTViewerSetup.msi” file and click on Open.

7.      From the “Run” window, click on OK.

8.   If a previous version of the software is installed the following screen will appear:




      If the above screen appears click on OK, select CLOSE from the Installation Incomplete window and follow the uninstall procedures below, otherwise continue with Step 9.

9.      The “Lucent Viewer 32 Setup Wizard” screen appears. Click on Next.

10.  A “License Agreement” screen appears. Read the license agreement and if you agree select the ‘I Agree’ option and click on Next.  If you do not accept the terms, click on CANCEL and the Installation will be terminated.

11.  A “Customer Information” screen appears. Enter your name and organization information and click on Next.

12.  A “Select Installation Folder” screen appears. Accept the default destination folder of C:\Program Files\Lucent Technologies\LUCENT VIEWER and click on Next.

13.  A “Confirm Installation” screen appears. Click on Next.

14.  The program files will be installed and the registry updated.

15.   A “Installation Complete” screen appears. Verify that the message on the screen reports a successful installation and click on Close.




  1. Close all applications currently running.
  2. Select Start – Settings - Control Panel.
  3. From the Control Panel, double click on Add/Remove Programs.
  4. From the list select “LUCENT Viewer 32 Version 1.5.3”. Click on Remove.
  5. To confirm Program Deletion, click on Yes.
  6. When the uninstall is complete, exit the “Add/Remove Programs” window by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner of the window.
  7. Exit or close the Control Panel.
  8. You may now install the LTViewer32 Version 1.5.4.





During the installation the Lucent Viewer preferences were automatically setup for your system. You can verify those preferences by performing the following procedures:

1.        From the Desktop double click on the “Lucent Viewer” icon.

2.      On the Menu Bar select Options - Preferences

3.      The Viewer Preferences should be set as follows:

·        The Initial View options are defaulted to “Fit in Window”, “Rotate View 90 Degrees Counter Clockwise” and the “Mouse Left Button Zooms” is selected.

·        The “Initial Image Path” should be set to ‘C:\Lucent Viewer Image Queue\IMAGES’.

·        None should be selected for the File List Sort Options.

·        The “Temporary Directory” should be set to ‘C:\Program Files\Lucent Technologies\LUCENT VIEWER\Temp’.

·        The “Adobe Acrobat Reader File Used to Open PDF Images in Data Sets” was setup based on registry settings for the PDF Reader. To change this setting, click on the Browse button and locate the Adobe PDF Reader on your system.  If you do not have the Adobe PDF Reader you may obtain the software at

·        The “webJEDMICS Image Queue” should be set to ‘C:\Lucent Viewer Image Queue’.

·        The “Batch Print Directory” should be set to ‘C:\Lucent Viewer Image Queue\IMAGES’.

·        Stamp Printed Images with Date/Time and Filename is selected by default.  This option will place a date/time and filename stamp at the top of each image. This feature can be removed on an image-by-image basis or it can be deselected on the preferences screen for all images.

4.      To setup printer information click on the “Printer Settings…” button at the bottom of the preferences screen.

·        During installation the system default printer is used to populate the default printer for the LTViewer32 application.  The user can change the default printer by using the drop down located next to the “Default Printer Name” option. 

·        There are some known printers, such as the XEROX 8830 running under the XP operating system, which prints white on black (inverse).   To solve this problem you can select those printers and add them to the Inverse Bit Printers.   By adding a printer to the Inverse Bit Printers list the image data will be inverted prior to printing.



Questions or problems concerning this install may be directed to 1-800-654-4016, prompt #2.






The following is a list of bug fixes included in this Lucent Viewer release: