Lucent Technologies offers the following EC/EDI and Imaging Solutions document management tools:

  1. Lucent Viewer is a Microsoft WindowsTM-based software application that is installed on customer-provided personal computer (PC) platforms.  The software was developed specifically for managing/viewing/printing DOD engineering data in the early 1990s.  Recently, the viewer has been modified to work seamlessly with JEDMICS.

  2. MediaPro Server is a complete hardware and software turnkey solution that provides the user with the ability to input, read, and accept engineering data from CDs, removable magnetic hard disk drives, or even electronically from the Internet.  All of the commercially-available input devices on the market today will operate with the MediaPro Server.  This powerful server has the ability to convert, clean-up and update received engineering data into any of the commonly used raster data formats(CALS, CCITT GROUP IV, GROUP IV WRAP, or JEDMICS C4) and the index data (Hollerith) is converted to the appropriate format.  Output is determined by the needs of our customers.  Converted data can be output and written to CD, removable magnetic hard disk drives, and/or transmitted electronically over the Internet.