Lucent Technologies' Viewer Software is a Microsoft WindowsTM-based software application that was developed specifically for managing/viewing DOD engineering data in the early 1990s.  Recently, the viewer has been modified to work seamlessly with JEDMICS.

The following is a list of the LTViewer32 features:

·        Microsoft Windows Based Application - NT/2000/XP platforms

·        View Raster Types Such As JEDMICS C4, TIFF, and CALS

·        Auto-Launch Specific Application Based On File Type (Word, Excel, Text, PDF, JPEG, etc)

·        View Multiple Images In The Same LTViewer32 Window

·        Next/Previous Image View

·        User Definable Viewer Preferences

·        User Defined View Orientation

·        Overview Window

·        Zoom Capability

·        Print ‘Zoomed’ or Full View

·        Prints To Directly Connected Or Network Printers

·        Local Print Feature That Will Allow Printing From Within webJEDMICS

·        Batch Print Functionality

·        Print/View, Date, File Name and Time Stamp

·        “Save-As” Feature With Raster Image Format Conversion

·        Mirror Capability

·        Rotate Image

·        Invert Image

·        Auto/Manual Image Deletion

·        Built-In Application Help File

·        Tool Bar Icons For The Most Used Menu Options

·        Display Image Properties

The product is available for download -FREE OF CHARGE- from the mainpage of our webpage. For telephonic hotline support and to receive upgrades be sure to purchase the Lucent Technologies Software Maintenance and Support Plan. The support plan is listed on the Lucent Technologies GSA schedule GS-35F-0429L.  You can access the schedule at The product code for the support plan is MIDAS-SW-SUS.

Contact: Lucent Technologies
(336) 279-3980 - FAX